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Encrypt passwords with Key2Lyf

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Share your decryption key

Step 3

Key holder will have access only when something terrible happens to you

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$ 0 /year

  • 1 shareable key for 1 trusted person
  • Access to your funds in 6 months
  • Doesn't cover emergency cases
  • Notifications via:
  • Email
  • Telegram

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$ 19.90 /year

  • Unlimited amount of shareable keys for unlimited amount of people
  • You set up a custom period for access to your funds
  • Notifications via:
  • Email
  • Telegram
  • SMS
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Password manager Key2Lyf
Tool to store passwords. Tool to sharing passwords in case of emergency.
Immediate access to all your data, accounts, and funds. Access ONLY in case of emergency.
You can share only with a person who uses the same password manager. If you use LastPass you can share only with the person who uses LastPass. You can share with anybody.

Peace of mind. Your trusted people will have access to your digital accounts in case of an emergency.

You can share:

  • Password to your password manager like LastPass or 1Password to provide access to all your accounts;
  • Passwords to your crypto wallets;
  • Access to data or information you want your trusted people to share with in case of an emergency.

Your trusted people will have access ONLY in case of emergency.

You shouldn't share your passwords via the will because people who have access to your will IMMEDIATELY will have access to your wallet.

It's not your trusted people you should be worried about; it's about the random people who were involved in the process of creation or storage of the will.

A will wasn't created to pass digital property and passwords, but Key2Lyf was.

A will is for transferring ownership, Key2Lyf is about transferring access. You can safely inbend you Key2Lyf key in your will.

Key2Lyf will send you a notification when someone asks for access to your data. Key2Lyf asks to deny the request but not confirm.

If you are okay you will deny the request. If you are NOT okay your trusted person will gain access to your data in the amount of time which you set up in your account.

You can store it in the same way as you store all your passwords. No special way of storing required.

We promote a secure approach to store keys and passwords. We recommend you to store your Key2Lyf key in a password manager like LastPass or 1password.

If you are ever worried your key has been compromised, you can easily delete the old key and create a new one.

Why is Key2Lyf secure?

We document our encryption design in open source library so security experts from across the globe can review it.
Security picture

Distributed encryption key

Due to distributed keys control and the 2-of-2 rule, neither Key2Lyf nor the key holder has access to information by itself. Only the combination of those keys can provide access to your data.

Encryption on client side

Your passwords, blockchain private keys, or other sensitive information never leave your personal computer. Key2Lyf encrypts all data in your browser and only sends encrypted data to the server.

Offline mode

You can see what information you send to Key2Lyf server and be sure that all information is encrypted.

Who we are

We are crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. We had a problem, and we didn't find any solution. That's why we decided to build Key2Lyf.

Marina Beskorovaina

Founder, Developer

Marina has spent the last ten years helping business find success as the CMO before transitioning into product and development roles as a digital nomad. She has 4 years experience as a software developer and has worked with some of the worlds leading blockchain engineers.

Security Adviser

Oleksii Matiiasevych

Security Adviser

White Hat Hacker and stellar software architect. Oleksii personally saved $1.5 million during the Parity wallet vulnerability exploit, caught lots of vulnerabilities including a vulnerability that 8 top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges were susceptible to.

 Key2Lyf's Adviser

Anastasia Green


Serial Tech Entrepreneur, hustler, product guru and blockchain evangelist. Anastasia built 9 startups and sold several companies.

Business Adviser

William Wheeler

Business Adviser

Will is a Blockchain expert with profoundly understanding technology and businesses. He has been working in the Blockchain industry for 7 years, founded one of the first Bitcoin exchanges and worked with many up-and-coming Blockchain projects.

Our commitment

To change the frivolous attitude toward virtual objects, including cryptocurrencies, tokens, gaming accounts, art, etc. by maintaining their value and enabling their inheritance.

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